Monday, July 14, 2014

Day One--introductions

Traveling preacher of comics -- Bernard Caleo

Getting to know the student the only way a comic creator can, by making a portrait of each member of the class.

The 2014 FHS comics class:

Some students decided their avatar was going to become their new facebook profile.

So what are comics? Bernard takes the students through a short history.

Some choice quotes from students in question time:

'Comics are about making pictures that can be read.'

'Comics can ramble but pictures can't'

We read shape, just like words, so if you can draw a smiley face then you can make a comic.

Now its time to work.

Task one: emotion, in which the students learn what emanata are.

Task two: motion in which Bernard strikes a pose.

Task three: Worth one-thousand.

Hunger games in three panels

Can you guess the story the students distilled into one panel?

Next lesson, single panel play.

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